The WEDLOCK Project
Part Two: PDA (Public Displays of Acceptance)

BOUND TO on view at EASTON MOUNTAIN September 3rd – 19th.

In conjunction with the first year anniversary of The WEDLOCK Project and Easton Mountain’s 10th Year:

The WEDLOCK Project, collaborators TTBaum, Michael Grohall and Nathaniel Fink announce an exhibition of their photo series Bound To*.

A play on words, Bound To refers to both the actions one is “bound to” take, and the constraint that same-sex couples feel when outsiders try to define their relationships.

Bound To visually investigates the broad spectrum of intimacy. The subjects are certain in their identity as a couple. Images of uninhibited interaction are paired with visual commentaries on the outside forces that restrict their expression.

September 3rd – September 19th

Easton Mountain

391 Herrington Hill Road

Greenwich, NY 12834

*Half of all proceeds will benefit Easton Mountain.

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