Part Two: PDA (Public Displays of Acceptance)


People in love can become engaged, people in conflict engage with each other, art engages the viewer, and the issues of civil rights engage society as a whole. The legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts and the recent controversy of Prop 8 in California have engaged the attention of the whole nation: from gay and lesbian citizens coming to reckon with marriage as a civil and legal right, to religious organizations struggling to decide how same-sex marriage fits into their system of beliefs and their long standing traditions, and finally, to politicians taking stands on either side of the issue.

ENGAGEMENT is an interdisciplinary exhibition that marks the launch of The WEDLOCK, introducing a month-long visual, performance, and multi-media show. TTBaum, Michael Grohall and Nathaniel Fink will exhibit Bound To, a new series of photographs depicting struggle and commitment, intimacy and vulnerability.

In addition, at the exhibition’s opening, Baum and Grohall will perform an original live piece called Romeos that directly addresses their engagement with a society that strives to keep them apart, their engagement with their own self-awareness, and, ultimately, their engagement with one another as a same-sex couple. According to them: Living in a hetero-centric world, intimacy between two men is confined to the realms of confrontation and competition—the worlds of sports and business. Somewhere in the search for money, power, and success, another longing exists; an alienated self, seeking to expose the desire for love. ENGAGEMENT begins with struggle.

Further, six guest artists will also exhibit multi-media, interactive, and visual art based on the word engagement (either in the context of marriage or in ways people engage with one another), including new work by Jay Critchley, Brian Halligan, Killer Banshee Studios, and Luanne E. Witkowski

Viewers may sign up to be participants in future WEDLOCK events to share/record their thoughts and feelings on same-sex marriage that will become a portion of Part 3: MATRIMONY.