The WEDLOCK Project
Part Two: PDA (Public Displays of Acceptance)

Kicking off the Project

Day 1: first “official” day of The WEDLOCK Project. The year-long WEDLOCK Project conceptualized over the past two years by artists TTBaum and Michael Grohall was successfully launched today. Today was our 9th anniversary and the day we chose to “tie the knot” legally at City Hall in Boston. The entire day could not have unfolded any more perfectly. In our Indian grooms’ wedding outfits we took City Hall by storm (and turned many a head—link to gallery). Two couples joined us for the ceremony along with photographer Nathaniel Fink. See NEWS for additional info.

Interestingly enough, the Wedsday 8/19 cover of the New York Times featured an article about Theodore B. Olson’s court case challenging the constitutional legality of Prop 8 before the U.S. Supreme Court. The article entitled: The Road to Championing Same-Sex Marriage can be read at: It is an articulate report on why a conservative lawyer (he argued and won Bush vs. Gore before the Supreme Court) would tackle the cause of same-sex marriage. Check it out!

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