The WEDLOCK Project
Part Two: PDA (Public Displays of Acceptance)

Ben & Jerry’s renames ice cream “Hubby Hubby”

Wow, first gay marraige in Vermont and now a gay flavor of ice cream! (At least for the month of September: What is the world coming to…

What will there be next? Airports named after gay icons? Ladies and gentleman, we would like to welcome you to the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. Or perhaps in keeping with contemporary American Culture–the Adam Lambert domestic airport (I didn’t know he was gay…did you know he was gay–who knew, I just thought the hair and outfits were colorful).

Maybe a whole line of liquors like Liberace limoncello–can you imagine? Or Cruise (aka Tom) Cosmos–just a splash of pink for color, hardly tastes gay at all. (Just a caveat here, a friend of a friend of an ex-lover claims to have slept with TC. But maybe he is not really gay but just loves the lifestyle?)

It seems like the 21st century is just waiting to explode with gay icons. I propose a virtual “Gay Mount Rushmore”. Any suggestions besides you and your three exes?

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